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Cookies in terms of the Internet are not your normal crumb dropping cookies. They do leave crumbs but the crumbs are snippets of information that web sites store in your web browser. These cookies can be used to remember who you are so that when you return to the web site, you don't have to re-log in, for example.

Why does Use Cookies?
We use cookies so that, when you customize, we can remember who you are and display to you your favorite custard stands. We are also able to address you by name on the site as well. In coordination with customizing, by placing a cookie you are then able to submit a stand's daily flavor listing or submit flavor descriptions for different flavors. doesn't recognize me after customizing, does this have something to do with cookies?
In fact, this may have everything to do with cookies. If you have your browser set to not allow cookies, we will be able to store your settings on the server but we won't be able to recognize who you are.

Are cookies a security risk?
Cookies by nature are a security risk because you are allowing a web site to store information on your computer. However, cookies are structured so that sites cannot store a cookie that contains a virus or something to that effect. Some sites may store marketing/demographic type information in cookies and it is always a good idea to look at a site's privacy policy and their reputation. Overall, web browser cookies are one of those things that people hear about, hear they are bad, and then are paranoid about them. Cookies are actually a benefit as it allows web sites provide greater value to the visitor as in us being able to highlight your favorite custard stands on this site's index page.

For more information on cookies, visit Cookie Central.

April 24, 2017
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